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Will I Get All My Compensation?

If you pursue a no win no fee compensation claim in the event of an accident at work, road traffic accident, criminal injury or medical malpractice, to name but a few, previously you got to keep 100% of your compensation. Laws introduced in April 2013 have changed that slightly.

No Win No Fee

Before April 2013, the basis of no win no fee was that if the compensation claim is successful, the injury lawyers will effectively be paid by the party that has been found guilty of negligence. This party would have also paid your compensation.

However, due to recent changes in the law regarding no win no fee claims, your injury solicitors may take up to 25% of your compensation payout. This charge has been offset somewhat by an average increase of 10% on the amount of compensation awarded.

Have you been injured?

If you have been injured through an accident or in a situation where another party you feel has been negligent, you could well be entitled to claim some kind of compensation. This normally breaks down into the following:

  • Personal Injury Claim: This is where you have been injured due to an incident where another party was at fault.
  • Compensation Claim: You may well be in a position to claim compensation if you were exposed to hazardous substances at work, or perhaps you was the victim of malpractice while in medical care, or perhaps you were bitten by a dog. The list of areas where you may be entitled to compensation is endless.
  • Accident Claim: An accident does not have to happen on the road. You could have slipped while shopping in a supermarket for example.

If you feel you may have suffered because of an incident where you were not to blame, then contact and talk to an injury solicitor. We can offer advice and help you build your case against the person, company or organisation that has done you wrong.

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-- Compensation for family of child born with severe disabilities due to medical negligence

Mistakes made when Mattia Dessi was being delivered have had a drastic effect upon the rest of his life, leaving him suffering from severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a condition which encompasses being blind, epileptic and unable to sit, speak or walk without help.

-- G20 protestors awarded compensation

The G20 protests which took place in London in April 2009 were already notorious due to the death of Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper vendor who died shortly after he was filmed being pushed violently to the ground by PC Simon Harwood.

-- Man’s family make claim over his death from asbestos-related disease

A statement given by a man five months before he died has been used as the basis for a compensation claim arising from the fact that the illness which claimed his life was caused by working with asbestos.