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Supermarket Accident Claims

Though many people have not heard about an injury while shopping in their local supermarket, it is a lot more common than many realise.

All the major supermarkets have had to pay compensation when they have been negligent at protecting their customers, and as a result, a shopper has suffered an injury.

Accidents That Can Occur in Supermarkets

Many different types of accidents can happen at a supermarket, including:

  • Slipping on spilt food
  • Hit by a cage carrying produce
  • Hit by another shopping trolley
  • Hit by a car

Supermarket claims have also been made by people who have suffered after buying defective supermarket products or food.

Injuries Related to Supermarket Accidents and Defective Products

  • Concussion and jarring through landing against shelves or on a hard floor
  • Cuts through landing on broken glass
  • Bruising through receiving an impact injury
  • Food poisoning through eating food which is out of date or has become unfit for human consumption
  • Electric shock and other product injury
  • Loss of earning due to time off work
  • Possible hospital treatment, especially for the elderly and children, or those with severe food poisoning
  • Humiliation at being involved in an accident at a supermarket

Supermarkets' Responsibilities

All supermarkets have a duty of care towards their customers to keep them safe and unharmed. They also have to ensure that all the products they sell are fit for purpose and possess no threat to the consumer. If they are negligent of these responsibilities and you have fallen victim to this negligence, you are in a good position to make a personal injury claim against the supermarket which has caused you harm.

Making a Personal Injury Compensation Claim against a Supermarket

Though supermarkets are big and powerful corporations they are not above the laws of the land. To pursue a claim for compensation against one of them, it is advisable to opt for a no win no fee injury solicitor. They are experts in their field, and will be able to give advice on the best course of action to pursue a personal injury claim.

As they are no win no fee, you will not have any financial risk when pursuing your claim. If you have been involved in a supermarket accident, then contact us and speak to an injury solicitor, or complete our contact form so we can assess your case. You should not let supermarket negligence be a cause for you to suffer in silence in wake of your personal injury.

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