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Sport Injury Claim

If you have been hurt whilst playing sport, you may be able to claim sports injury compensation. Sport injury claims can come from all sorts of circumstances and involve a wide range of sporting activities but the common factor is that negligence must have caused the injury to occur. Simply hurting yourself through exercise is not enough for a valid claim.

Recent years have seen more and more people taking up a sport and exercising more, be it through running, going to the gym or joining a sports club. Of course there are also those who go into sport professionally in some capacity, either as sportsmen themselves or as referees or coaches. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in your sport, you may be able to make a sports compensation claim if your injury occurred through someone else's negligence.

Examples of sports injury claims

Here are some examples of potentially valid sports injury claims:

  • A dance teacher failing to ensure her pupils warm up properly
  • A trampolining instructor encouraging inexperienced pupils to carry out unauthorised moves that are known to be dangerous
  • An athletics coach pushing trainees too hard
  • A gym that provides faulty weights equipment for visitors to use
  • A gym that employs staff not adequately qualified to oversee safe equipment use or provide exercise advice
  • An opponent injuring other players intentionally and violently
  • A tennis court that has not been properly maintained and has potholes
  • A sports camp for children that does not supervise its charges adequately

Your sports injury may have occurred as a result of something similar to one of these circumstances or something entirely different. However, if you believe that someone else's negligence contributed to the injury that you sustained, you may wish to pursue a no win, no fee claim for sports compensation.

Spectator Injuries

If you have attended a sports event and suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim as a spectator.

Just as other venues like theatres or shopping centres need to adhere to health and safety regulations so too do arenas and other sports facilities. It may have been at a cricket, football or rugby league match, at your local leisure centre or a larger event like a World Cup or Olympic venue that your accident occurred - the responsibility of the facility is to exercise due professional care to its visitors.

Examples of spectator injuries where sports claims may be valid include:

  • Too many visitors allowed into a sports ground
  • Poor crowd control
  • Unsafe seating or poorly constructed stands
  • Dingy light conditions in enclosed areas

Free sports injury compensation claim advice

If you suffer a sports injury either as a spectator or as a sportsperson, receiving medical attention should always be a priority. As well as being sensible from a health point of view, this also means that there will be documentation of your injury should you wish to pursue sports compensation from the person or organisation that was negligent.

Speaking with a personal injury solicitor who has experience of sports injury cases will help you to determine whether your claim is likely to be successful and decide whether to take it further. Our expert no win, no fee solicitors help and guide hundreds of people each year to succeed in their personal injury claims.

Why not call our friendly personal injury claims team or fill in our online personal injury claim form and find out whether you would be likely to receive sports injury compensation?

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