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What Do I Have to Pay If I Lose My Case?

The idea behind no win no fee claims is that it provides the framework for low income people to have access to justice. This is why there are no legal costs involved should you lose your case. The only cost which may be involved is for insurance against the winning party claiming their legal costs against you, should your compensation case be lost, the cost of which is minimal.

What Are the Chances of Losing My Case?

As our injury lawyers only get paid if they win a case, they only take your compensation claim if they believe you have a good chance of winning. For this to be the case, they will be satisfied that they can prove that a third party was at fault and this was the cause of the injuries you suffered. The chances of losing a no win no fee case are thus reduced.


When we undertake a no win no fee case and win, we recover our fees from the compensation awarded. This is due to recent legislation brought through in April 2013. However, you are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 75% of your compensation, and the payouts for compensation have been increased by around 10% to deal with the fees being taken from the client's compensation.

Claiming for Personal Injury

No win no fee was established to give people access to justice. Do not be deterred by the possibility of losing, as the insurance policies our injury solicitors recommend will cover any legal fees claimed against you in the event of your case being lost.

Remember that if you have a legitimate claim for compensation, the likelihood is your personal accident claim will be won by our injury lawyers. Contact us today to discuss your compensation claim.

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